Jet Boat Ride Vilamoura

Take in the sights of the Vilamoura Marina on this exhilarating Jet Boat Experience with speeds up to 75km/hr!


180º Turns, 360º Turns, Power Break Stops, Wave Riding, Speed and Adrenalin! This is the ONE and ONLY Stunt Boat in Vilamoura, Portugal! A 30 minute Jet Boat Ride just across the Vilamoura Marina with included safety briefing by a professional skipper and Waterproof Vests supplied!

Number of PAssengers

The Jet Boat Ride takes up to 12 people onboard on each boat.


Adults 35€
Children 25€ (under the age of 12)
Private Charter Available for 420€


This experience lasts for 30 minutes and is available daily at a recommended time. Please ensure you arrive at the departing location 15minutes prior to the scheduled time.

jet boat ride vilamoura


Dress Code: This experience involves getting wet to a certain degree. Casual comfortable clothing is recommended.

Rules: Children aged 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult; Passengers who are pregnant, suffer from back, neck and heart conditions and/or any other pre-existing conditions or injuries may be advised not to ride.

jet boat ride vilamoura

Jet Boat Vilamoura Algarve

Are you ready for the experience of a lifetime?

Take in the beautiful view of the Vilamoura Marina and the Algarve Coastline from a different perspective. Travel out to Algarvexcite Water Sports Vilamoura and into the Atlantic Ocean on a state of the art jet boat ride and experience spins, power-slides, wave-jumps, 360 degrees spins and awesome power break stops! Hold on tight for the ride of your life!

This amazing General Lee Jet Boat in Vilamoura, gives you sensations that you have never felt before, it’s a wet and wild water based roller coaster. Moored at the Vilamoura Marina, this jet boat has been designed specially to ride the waves, do 180º 360º spins, power brake stops, ride the waves on this wild speed and adrenaline ride.

Tackle one of the best experiences in Vilamoura, Algarve, Portugal! Head out to open seas, buckle up and get ready to get wet on these amazing Jet Boat Rides! Your skipper will ease into this thrilling experience by reaching adrenaline, as they crank it up a gear and perform high-speed spins and breaks. Travel past or inside the Vilamoura Marina, before heading out to ride the ocean swells!

Be prepared to get wet though – this adrenalin-inducing Jet Boat Ride isn’t for the faint-hearted!