Water Inflatables & banana boat rides in Vilamoura algarve

Guaranteed fun for everyone, Water Inflatables in Vilamoura Marina are the perfect water sports activity, whether you want a shot of adrenalin or just a calm ride. Choose your preferred Water Inflatable from the  Banana Boat Ride, Crazy UFO or Donut/Ringo Rides! Try to hold on as we twist and turn you trying to throw you off into the water. This water sports activity is a great family experience for a fun filled time spent on water! No Experience Necessary just hop on and hold on tight!



1. Banana boat ride from Vilamoura Marina, rides can be calm and relaxing or wild and adventurous it’s up to you. The banana boat ride is pulled by one of our watersports boat, and can accommodate up to six riders. This ride is perfect for groupskidsteenagers and families .

2, Tube Riding requiring minimal skill level, tubing is the easiest of all tow sports, and suitable for the the whole family. But that’s not to say it’s not dramatic! From gliding across the surface of the wake, smoothly enjoying the rush of the water flow by, to an adrenaline fuelled white-knuckle ride the choice is yours on your tube ride from Vilamoura.

3. Crazy UFO and Sofa Ride are the ultimate Water Inflatable ride and your only duty is to have fun and hang on tight. On the large sofa rides, you’re just some inches from the water. Our sofas can accommodate up to four people, and are available to children, teenagers and adults as well.

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