Water Inflatables in Vilamoura

Choose your preferred Water Inflatables in Vilamoura. Banana Boat Ride, Crazy UFO or Donut/Ringo Ride! Inflatables are guaranteed family-friendly and 100% fun!


Guaranteed fun for everyone, Water Inflatables in Vilamoura Marina are the perfect water sports activity, whether you want a shot of adrenalin or just a calm ride.

Number of PAssengers

Banana Boat Ride
Can take up to 6 people

Crazy UFO
Can take up to 4 people

Donut / Ringo Ride
Best for 1 person at a time


May vary between 25€ and 45€ depending on preferred time duration.


This experience can last for 15 minutes or 30 minutes riding in the water and is available daily at a recommended time. Please ensure you arrive at the departing location 15 min prior to the scheduled time.

water inflatables vilamoura banana boat


Dress Code: This experience involves getting wet! Wear whatever you would like to get wet in! We recommend swimmer wear and light shorts and a t-shirt. Life jackets will be provided.

Rules: Children aged 12 years old and under must be accompanied by an adult. Passengers who are pregnant, suffer from back, neck and heart conditions and/or any other pre-existing conditions or injuries may be advised not to participate.

water inflatables vilamoura banana boat

Water Inflatables in Vilamoura

For a thrilling and wet ride on the water, choose our Water Inflatables in Vilamoura Experience!

Go as gentle as you like or push it to the limits! You can’t beat our Water Inflatables in Vilamoura Marina with a Banana Boat Ride, Crazy UFO and Donut / Ringo Ride! Departing from the Vilamoura Marina out into the Atlantic Ocean, you are guaranteed to have a fun time!

Try to hold on as our Banana Boat Ride, Donut / Ringo Ride and Crazy UFO twist and turn in the water trying to throw you off into the water just by the spectacular and worldwide known Vilamoura Marina.

We can tow up to six people at the same time on a Banana Boat Ride, four people at the same time on the Crazy UFO Ride and the Donut / Ringo Ride will take one person at a time! This makes this water sports activity a great family experience for a fun filled time spent on water!

Come join us on our crazy Water Inflatables in Vilamoura Marina with Banana Boat Rides, Donut / Ringo Rides and a Crazy UFO Ride that you don’t want to miss together with your friends and family! All you have to do is, sit back and relax aboard our Muts Knuts or Diabo Cobalt 240 Bowrider Speed Boats that can take up to 7 people on each boat, or on our Extremo which takes 12 people on board.

Whatever your preference, we are here to help you and your family or friends have a great time!