Water Skis & Wakeboard Algarve

Find your balance on the water with on our Water Skis & Wakeboard Algarve experience!


Whether you’re a rookie or a seasoned warrior, you’ll find plenty of options to get your blood pumping with either Water Skis or Wakeboarding activities! Choose which activity suits you best and be sure that to have an amazing day!

Number of PAssengers

The Water Skis & Wakeboard Algarve is an activity aimed for 1 person at a time, but our Speed Boat Cobalt 240 Bowrider can take up to 7 people on board if you are a group of friends and family.


Adults 45€


This experience lasts for 30 minutes and is available daily at a recommended time. Please ensure you arrive at the departing location 15 min prior to the scheduled time.

water skis and wakeboard algarve


Dress Code: This experience involves getting wet! Wear whatever you would like to get wet in! We recommend light swimmer wear, shorts and a t-shirt. Life jackets will be provided.

Rules: Passengers who are pregnant, suffer from back, neck and heart conditions and/or any other pre-existing conditions or injuries may be advised not to participate.

water skis and wakeboard algarve

Water Skis & Wakeboard Algarve

Looking for a fun day out with family and friends? spend the day in the water on our water skis & wakeboard algarve experience!

Spend the day in the water in Vilamoura, Algarve on our Water Skis & Wakeboard Algarve experience! You can do as much as you like or as little as you wish. Just relax in the comfort of our Cobalt 240 Bowrider Speed Boat and push your limits with Wakeboarding and Waterskiing on top of the Atlantic Waters!

Both Water Skiing and Wakeboarding involve riding a single board or two boards over a surface of water. Wakeboard is the water version of Snowboard but with the aid of a cable to gain speed while Water Skiing can be compared to Snow Skiing with two board, one on each foot.

If this sounds like fun to you, we welcome you to try our Water Skis & Wakeboard Algarve experience and enjoy the sunny weather. Skim the surface of the water and either perform tricks or ride the waves, both these activities promote a sense of adventure and youthful experience. The tireless feeling of skimming the water and sliding is like no other. The smallest movement on the water either on wakeboarding or water skiing can alter your path, can change your speed, can manipulate your board beneath you to perform those much-related tricks and dives in the water!