EXCLUSIVE BENAGIL Cave TourS – How To See Benagil Caves In The Algarve!

Get your guide to the Benagil Caves, Benagil Caves are one of the greatest natural attractions in the Algarve and are considered to be in the top 5 most beautiful places to visit and we now offer you the chance to cruise on one of our custom built Rigid Inflatable Boats. Enjoy benagil cave tour from Vilamoura. Our open Rib Boats are the only vessel to offer an exclusive tour of inside the caves , our comfortable and spacious boats have a capacity of 12 guests offering you a more private and exclusive Algarve fun cruise.

Here are 5 Best Thing To Do Visiting Benagil Caves: 

1. Our Custom built boats enter fully inside the caves and you will not need to swap from one boat to another to enter , so you’re able to stay inside the Caves to take photos and experience its beauty. It can get busier in the afternoon with larger boats passing by the outside for a glance they sometimes tow a dinghy for their clients to climb on to to try and enter the cave. Our first boat trip to enter the Benagil Cave in the Algarve departs at 9:15am and you will remain comfortably on this boat for the duration of your trip.

2. This is not just a trip to see one cave, you will see so many beautiful secluded beaches, breathtaking cliffs  and so many stunning sea caves, that the Algarve Benagil cave is just the cherry on top of the cake. The scenery along the coastline up to and including the Benagil Caves this Boat Trip From Vilamoura are simply stunning.

3. You will ride on one of our 4 custom built small speed boats departing from Vilamoura Marina with Vilamoura Watersports Centre . There are just 12 people on the boat and everybody has their own individual bucket seat for safety and comfort and you will not need to transfer boats at any time throughout your trip. We guarantee the entire trip will be a sequence of one highlight after another.

4. On all our boat cave tours, you will enter all of the amazing caves. Not only will you experience the amazing views, you will hear and smell the ocean swell. As your boat enters into a cave, the sun reflects of the water, putting on a beautiful light show. You will love it. In the most impressive caves, the captain will shut down the boat’s engine so that you can admire the cave calmly with no noise and take in its brilliance.

5. Boat Trips To See The Caves Algarve with Vilamoura Watersports Centre not only have the benefit of being able to include other caves and the opportunity to view the spectacular rock formations along this stretch of the coast, we also run Dolphin Trips as a seperate tour on a daily basis and with our boats being in contact with each other often we get chance to reach their location on route and you  you will get to see this amazing wild dolphins as well.


We offer a top trip for visiting Benagil Caves. Our custom built boats will get you inside all of the Caves to give you the very best Sea Cave Tour experience in the Algarve! Give Us A Call To Find Out More Or Book Online Today and you could be Visiting Benagil Caves TODAY

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