BENAGIL Cave TourS – How To See Benagil Caves In The Algarve

Benagil Caves are one of the greatest natural attractions in the Algarve and are considered to be in the top 5 most beautiful places to visit and we now offer you the chance to cruise on one of our custom built Rigid Inflatable Boats so you can enjoy the benagil cave tour from Vilamoura.

Our open Rib Boats are the only vessel to offer an exclusive tour of inside the caves , our comfortable and spacious boats have a capacity of 12 guests offering you a more private and exclusive Algarve fun cruise.

Tour Plan : 

  • Check in at our office with your boarding pass 15 minutes prior to departure.
  • Boarding your Vessel, please follow the instructions given by the staff members.
  • Travel the Algarve Coastline, sit back and relax as our comfortable and spacious boat cruises along the coast enjoying the magnificent scenery.
  • From the boat, you can admire the beautiful cliffs, caves and hidden beaches. Come aboard on one of our custom built fast and safe rigid inflatable boats for 2 hours 30 minutes of pure enjoyment!
  • Enjoy the sights as we visit some of the most beautiful beaches and rock formations in the world on route to the Famous Benagil Cave.
  • Enter the Benagil Cave and be in amazed by the beauty as the sun beams through the hole in the roof and reflects of the ocean below.
  • After the views and sights your boat will return along the coastline back to Vilamoura Marina. 


The cave of Benagil is certainly the highlight of this Top Trips For Visiting Benagil Caves Vilamoura and our custom RIB boats will be able to enter it, if the ocean conditions allow. We promise, you’ll take beautiful pictures, so don’t forget your camera!

We guarantee you will enjoy this speed boat ride and of course the amazing Caves Tour & possible Dolphin spotting opportunities.

This activity is suitable for people with motor disabilities, with limited mobility or in a wheelchair.

For More Information on our Benagil Cave Tours :

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