This echo experience to see Dolphins in vilamoura has been born from our passion and dedication to preserve the Dolphins in their natural habitat.


The best Dolphin Watching Encounter and Boat Cave Tour in Vilamoura. Not only is this the perfect way to view these amazing creatures in their natural habitat but you will also enjoy a cruise along the completely unspoiled Algarve coastline and visit the hidden Algarve caves. We will explore ancient sea caves and rock formations you will be amazed when our rigid inflatable boat sneaks you inside the caves for an experience like no other. On board our Caves Tours from Vilamoura.

The Vilamoura dolphin safari cave tour provides for a most amazing and endearing experience! No creature touches the hearts of more individuals than the dolphins. Intelligent, friendly and playful, their delightful personality is sure to make you smile like a child! Check Out Our Video! Book your Dolphin Safari and Caves Tour Today.

This thrilling ride on our custom built dolphin and Whale Watching Vilamoura rib boat delves further out into the Atlantic Ocean to enhance your chances of spotting these wonderful creatures in the wild , then heading back towards the Algarve coastline to show you the unspoiled rock formations and caves .

We guarantee you will enjoy this speed boat ride and of course the amazing caves tour and dolphin spotting  and on rare opportunities we get to see whales in the Algarve. Our dolphin watching  boat trip is one of the main things to do in Vilamoura .           


For more information on where to See Dolphins in Vilamoura, visit us at Vilamoura Marina!


ADULTS: 35€ | CHILDREN: 25€ | PRIVATE: 420€

Book now and you could be leaving on the next adventure in search of Dolphins and visiting inside the Caves!

Family Pack

With this Adventurous family Pack you will enjoy 3 hours family reef fishing plus 2 hours Dolphin Watching and Cave Experience from Vilamoura Marina. This family friendly adventure pack will be fun for everyone as it is suitable for all ages. The one and only Dolphin and Cave Tour in Vilamoura and fantastic fun family fishing.


Flight Pack

With this flight Pack you will enjoy 2 hours Dolphin Watching and Cave Experience plus the Amazing Parasailing from Vilamoura Marina. This Fun Filled flight package is suitable for all ages. The best Parasailing in the  Algarve and the one and only exclusive Dolphin and Cave Tour.


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