Dolphin Watching Algarve and Cave Boat Tours Algarve

The Algarve is an all year round destination with pleasant temperatures during the winter and hot temperatures in summer. At  Algarve Dolphin Watching,  dolphin tours are offered from February until late November. Dolphin Watching is one of the most exciting things to do in the Algarve , enjoy taking a Dolphin Safari Algarve guided boat tour out to sea to spot wild dolphins and possibly See Whales in the Algarve!

 Tour Plan :

  • Check in at our office with your boarding pass 15 minutes prior to departure.
  • Boarding your Vessel, please follow the instructions given by the staff members.
  • We aim to spend around  one hour searching for the wild dolphins in the Algarve with a 92% Success rate on Dolphin Watching last season. We are the best in the Algarve for locating wild Dolphins.
  • Then sit back and relax as our comfortable and spacious boat cruises along the coast enjoying the magnificent scenery as we travel the Algarve Coastline.
  • From the boat, you can admire the beautiful cliffs, caves and hidden beaches as well a spotting the Dolphins jumping the waves. Come aboard on one of our custom built fast and safe rigid inflatable boats for 2 hours of pure enjoyment!
  • After the Dolphin and Cave Tour your boat will return along the coastline back to Vilamoura Marina. 

Book with the best for the One and Only Dolphin Safari and Caves Tour.


Book now and you could be leaving on the next adventure in search of Dolphins and visiting inside the Caves!

ADULTS: 35€ | CHILDREN: 25€ | PRIVATE: 420€

This activity is suitable for people with motor disabilities, with limited mobility or in a wheelchair.



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