Jet Ski Rental Algarve

Vilamoura Watersports Centre offers the best Jet Skis rentals in the Algarve and have the best Jet Ski hire prices in the Algarve. We provide a high quality Jet Ski  service,  our new  Yamaha VX Waverunners offer uncompromising power and provide a comfortable and secure ride on the water. Take control of one of our 8 Jet Skis around a Jet Ski circuit located right outside Vilamoura Marina.


Jet Skis are easy to rent at  the Vilamoura Watersports Centre  Jet ski water sports renting is popular with families since it is a thrilling, yet cost effective way to spend some time on the water, without the hassle of owning your own Jet Ski . 

New to Jet Ski ? Even if you are new to riding jet skis, it is very easy to learn, and you go from beginner to expert in a pretty short amount of time. We will provide you with training and orientation on how to operate the Jet Ski in the Algarve.

Thrill Ride As soon as you engage with a jet ski its like pure adrenaline runs through your body, and you will get a natural adrenaline rush. The rate at which these Jet Skis can gain speed is what’s most thrilling…but if you are a daredevil, try applying some of that speed over a small wave and prepare to catch some air.

Stable and Safe Our Yamaha VX Waverunners are designed for Jet Ski rental and due to the size of them,  they offer strength and stability. The three seater Jet Skis  are most common and ideal for families to use whilst having some Algarve fun. 

What is a Jet Ski? A Jet Ski is a personal watercraft powered by a concealed motor with a jet pump; together the jet ski can reach speeds of 55 mph and beyond.

It’s easy to make a reservation online, or request a reservation using our website to hold your place in line.

We promise an experience you will not forget!

vilamoura jet skis rental algarve
vilamoura jet skis rental algarve
vilamoura jet skis rental algarve



How much does it cost to rent a jet ski? 65€ / 30 Minutes and 110€ / 60 Minutes
How much does it cost to rent a jet ski for a day? Jet Skis are on a dedicated circuit so we recommend per hour
What is the cheapest private jet? AlgarveXcite 65€ / 30 Minutes and 110€ / 60 Minutes
What do you need to rent jet ski? ID to show over 18 years of age and 100€ Security Deposit 

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