Shark Fishing in the Algarve


Looking for where to fish for sharks in the Algarve? Experience the ease of Vilamoura Watersports Centre shark fishing from Vilamoura Marina where sharks are abundant when you know where to go. Francisco I is one of the most popular fishing charter boats in the Algarve with low reasonable prices. Few species offer the exhilarating adrenaline such that a shark offers when battling at the end of your line! Fierce teeth with back breaking strength makes Sharks a favourite for many fishermen!

5 Awesome Shark Charter Facts with Vilamoura Watersports Centre!

1. The Algarve coastline is a top European destination for Shark Fishing and holds an array of shark species, so you never know what kind of Shark you maybe catching. You could be hooking a Mako Shark, Blue Shark or Hammerhead Shark.

2. It’s possible to catch Sharks just about anywhere along the Algarve coastline, but some locations are better than others but this varies depending on where the Shark are finding food. As Sharks move frequently throughout the season we make sure our fishing boat does the same and gives us the highest catch rate in the Algarve.

3. The best water temperatures in the Atlantic are from June through to September and this is when a higher number of Sharks are present and we are able offer some exceptional Shark fishing in Algarve.

4. Our razor sharp hooks and heavy duty fishing rods will allow our Shark Fishermen to hold on with suspense when a large Shark puts up a battle. We only use the best equipment to help you win the fight.

5. We are proud to have caught many Sharks whilst drift boat fishing as this proves the most effective way to lure in the Sharks for the battle of endurance, so get ready to jump in the chair and hang on hard as they do not give up easy as you hook one of these amazing gamefish Sharks.


Experience your own Algarve Shark fishing story, book your Shark fishing charter trip with us today! This is one fish that won’t get away!

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